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Hello, thanks for stopping by! My name is Ilko Allexandroff, I am photographer based in Kobe Japan! I am doing Portrait, Fashion and Dance photography in most of my time, but I am also open to any cool ideas! I have photography seminars all around the country!







Gear: Canon EF 24mm f/1.4 L II USM Lens

Many of you guys know that my signature and favorite lens is the Canon EF 135mm F/2, but actually there is another one that I really love, and for most of my photoshoots I go with just that 2 lenses! The second one is Canon EF 24mm F/1.4 lens! Yeah, is is a wide angle prime lens! It has very little distortions, not that this matters a lot for what I am shooting lol, and it has really great
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Shooting it: Red leaves portrait shoot with Helios 40-2 (strobist video)

Japanese red leaves season is in it's most beautiful stage now, so here is another article with some photos taken in that beautiful time of the year! I'm having also some behind the stage video from that photoshoot! I'm also using some really interesting lens, the manual focus Helios 40-2, which is making some impressive bokeh! Model for this photoshoot is Yuzuki Aizawa, I am shooting only
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Single Shoot-Through Umbrella / 透過アンブレラ 一本だけで ポートレート

Portraits with a single Shoot Through Umbrella used When I want to be really quick with my setup, this is what I am doing! Shoot-though umbrella is one of the things I definitely have with me all the time, ready to be used! It's very quick…

Portraits with Back Light / バックライト ポートレート 逆光

Portraits with Back Light used only Shooting with a back light as a main light can be really fun thing to do, but it is also very tricky way to shoot portraits such you really need some experience using lighting, and knowledge on how light…

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