Natural Light Portraits at Night / 夜景 自然光 ポートレート

Photographing people at night can be technically one of the most difficult time to do portraits, since using some lighting might be really essential and it is not as easy to go without using flash for example! But even at night if you look around there might be some items on the street that can be used to lit your subject! One of the most common light sources I would use for night portraits are
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Single Shoot-Through Umbrella / 透過アンブレラ 一本だけで ポートレート

Portraits with a single Shoot Through Umbrella used When I want to be really quick with my setup, this is what I am doing! Shoot-though umbrella is one of the things I definitely have with me all the time, ready to be used! It's very quick…

Portraits with Back Light / バックライト ポートレート 逆光

Portraits with Back Light used only Shooting with a back light as a main light can be really fun thing to do, but it is also very tricky way to shoot portraits such you really need some experience using lighting, and knowledge on how light…

Night Portraits / 夜景ポートレート

Night Portraits Here is an article I've wanted to post for long time! It is for portraiture at night, but I will not put setups for all of the photos in the gallery! Well, it is actually more a kind of gallery with photos taken at night! Generally…

Natural Light Portraits / 自然光ポートレート

Natural Light Portraits Hey, I guess the image that I have for using strobes and artificial lighting on my photographs is quite strong, and I think it's normal, but to be honest quite often I do rely on Natural Light to shoot portraits! Yeah,…

Silhouette Photography / シルエット 写真

Silhouettes I mostly post articles in which different type of lighting is involved, but in this article I will just upload some silhouette photos and no complicated lighting systems, well, not too many! Because even if you are shooting that actually…