Locations: Takedao abandoned railway / 武田尾 廃線 トンネル 鉄橋 綺麗な自然

For long time I wanted to introduce you one of my favorite locations in the Kansai Area, where I live, Takedao! I've been shooting there so many times that I can really call this nice spot kinda my studio! It's really close to where I live, and it is easy to shoot there without being disturbed by anyone, since not many people are going there... well probably not after I post this article! lol Why I love Takedao

Location: Nakatsu / 中津 & 高架下 大阪の消えていくロケ

Recently a lot of old cool locations fantastic for photography have been disappearing from Osaka and the areas, being renewed and now having now buildings there! Nakatsu is one of them! There used to be a lot of cool spots for photoshooting an the undergrounds around the station, but unfortunately now they are not accessible! I often shoot at the night view just next to the

Locations: Mayakan - the beautiful abandoned Japanese hotel マヤカン

摩耶観光ホテル a.k.a. マヤカン、Maya Hotel This time I want to introduce you one of the most beautiful abandoned locations in Japan - the Mayakan Hotel! I have been shooting there for so many times, can't even count them. This…

Locations: Osaka Sky Building Escalator

Osaka Sky Building: One of the most beautiful escalators! With this article I am starting a series of articles that will introduce some of the spots I'm shooting more often at! I will not write too much here, you can just see the photos below!…