Natural Light Portraits at Night / 夜景 自然光 ポートレート

Shooting natural light portraits at night

Photographing people at night can be technically one of the most difficult time to do portraits, since using some lighting might be really essential and it is not as easy to go without using flash for example! But even at night if you look around there might be some items on the street that can be used to lit your subject! One of the most common light sources I would use for night portraits are listed below, and some of the main things I like about them are the color temperature (they are all really close to daylight) and the size, in many cases they can produce softer light than even some of the softboxes I am using:

  • Vending machines
  • Information boards
  • Convenience Stores light
  • Shopping Windows

One of the things to keep in mind then shooting portraits without flash at night is that you might need to get a bit high with your ISO setting, well I usually vary between 1000 – 2000 ISO depending on the light source I have, and the distance between it and my subject! Check out the making video I have below for one of my night light portrait shoot

夜景 で 自然光 ポートレート 撮影


  • 自動販売機
  • インフォーメーションボード
  • コンビニ
  • ショッピングウィンドウ







モデル: 稲葉マリ

In the end

Now, I am preparing a series of new articles on some general topics, let me know which one of them you want to see first, so I get it ready earlier! Also other ideas are welcome too! Here are some of them: Portraits at night / Lens article (I guess 135/2) / Portraits in the rain / Use of gels / Using backlight / One light setups / Shoots with just one umbrella / General shooting portraits / Can cheap lenses make good photos / Swing the camera shots / Using snoots / Shaped bokeh / … or any other idea welcome, post it in the comments, and I will see if I am able to write about it! Also stay tuned for my new blog section starting soon called “Strobist Diary” There I will talk about many of my off-camera flash techniques from basic things to some advanced stuff! 



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