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Single Shoot-Through Umbrella / 透過アンブレラ 一本だけで ポートレート

Portraits with a single Shoot Through Umbrella used

When I want to be really quick with my setup, this is what I am doing! Shoot-though umbrella is one of the things I definitely have with me all the time, ready to be used! It’s very quick to setup, and gives some really nice soft light! Only having one shoot-through umbrella can give you a lot of variations in your lighting! They are really light, and also don’t take any space!

Some things to keep in mind when using shoot-through umbrella:

  • Make sure you have your strobe zoom set at wide angle, because if it is set to 105mm for example, it doesn’t fill the whole umbrella surface, and your light might not be that soft! 
  • Definitely make sure you are having a few of those umbrellas with you, because they are easy to break!
  • Even small wind can blow away your umbrella and your stand will fall down, make sure you have fixed it good, or you have someone to hold it for you!
  • Be careful of flares, even if your shoot-through umbrella is just outside of the frame it could cause some flares!

In the end I’d like to say that I definitely I recommend it for a first modifier for beginner “strobists”. That is how I started, been shooting only with a shoot-through umbrella for 6 months before I got a softbox! Use it until you got all the things possible with it! One of the things I like is, “Never get a new light modifier until you don’t master the ones you have!” Enjoy using your umbrellas!

透過 アンブレラ 一本だけで ポートレート

今回はアンブレラの記事&ギャラリーをアップします!私が一番よく使ってるのが、透過アンブレラです!そして、必ずかばんの中に入っています、なぜかというと、一番セッティングがシンプルで、早いです!だから、移動が激しい撮影などでは、透過アンブレラを使うことが多いです!または、光はやわらかいので、便利です!アンブレラ だけでもいろいろなバリエーションの写真撮れるし、すごく軽くて、運びやすいです!最後に、安いです!破れてもそんなに痛くないですね! 日中シンクロ 好きな人にとってもうひとつ大事な理由が、アンブレラを使うときに光がそんなに落ちないです、場合によって1段~2段ぐらいです!

透過 アンブレラ を使うときに気をつけてるポイント:

  • ストロボの照射角を広角にする、もし105mmにしてしまったら、結局アンブレラの中心にしか光がいかなくなります、せっかく大きなやわらかいアクセサリーなのに、最後に光がまわらないです!! 
  • 破れやすいので、絶対いくつかあったほうがいいですよ!
  • 少しでも風邪があると、スタンドが倒れやすいので、ちゃんと固定したほうが安全です、それかアシスタントが支えると便利です!
  • フレアが出やすいです!ぎりぎりフレームに入れないとまたフレアが出る可能性があります!





Stitched Panorama



Silhouette 003 - Copy (3)

















その他 透過アンブレラーのみで撮影した写真

Silhouette 003 - Copy (6) - Copy - Copy





Silhouette 003 - Copy (5) - Copy



Silhouette 003 - Copy (4) - Copy


In the end

Now, I am preparing a series of new articles on some general topics, let me know which one of them you want to see first, so I get it ready earlier! Also other ideas are welcome too! Here are some of them: Portraits at night / Lens article (I guess 135/2) / Portraits in the rain / Use of gels / Using backlight / One light setups / Shoots with just one umbrella / General shooting portraits / Can cheap lenses make good photos / Swing the camera shots / Using snoots / Shaped bokeh / … or any other idea welcome, post it in the comments, and I will see if I am able to write about it! Also stay tuned for my new blog section starting soon called “Strobist Diary” There I will talk about many of my off-camera flash techniques from basic things to some advanced stuff! 



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  1. Gael
    Gael says:

    Hi, i would like to know (an article) how to make a long time exposure , and catch a nice portrait in same time (for freezing the people, but keeping a long time exposure in background).
    Thanks you for all your nice article , i’m definitively fan of you !

    Best regards.

  2. Joy arnez
    Joy arnez says:

    Love your works! I’m just starting using strobist. Question: the diffrent between shoot tru umbrella n reflectif umbrella? Thank you


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