Portraits with Back Light / バックライト ポートレート 逆光

Portraits with Back Light used only

Shooting with a back light as a main light can be really fun thing to do, but it is also very tricky way to shoot portraits such you really need some experience using lighting, and knowledge on how light travels! In this article I will be inserting some shots taken with only back light, no front light, nothing else but a back light straight behind the subject I am shooting! 

When do I use back-light only for portraiture:

  • I want to get some separation of the subject with the background! 
  • I want get some result that is harder to imagine for everyone around and make people surprised
  • Shooting in the rain or snow, using back light helps you freeze the water drops in the air, this way making some stunning effects!
  • When I’m just lost and I wander what else I could get from the situation I’m shooting, then I just bring one strobe behind, set it at full power and see what happens! 
  • Drama, I am a photographer who likes to create some drama and shadows in the photographs, back light helps then too! 
  • When I want to get some cool shadows, from behind, same shapes in my photos!

How do I get my subject face lit, if I am only using a back light? Well, there are different ways to do that too! But the best way is to find something just outside of the frame that may play the role of a reflector and bounce some of that light coming from behind to put some soft light on the subject! Often it is a wall or something, the assistant’s white shirt, or even the subject’s arms, lift up thus returning some light on the face! Also in many cases I’m “returning” some light in the RAW Processing, brightening the shadows a bit! Anyway shooting with only back light can be a really good way to practice as well, so do not hesitate to go out for a photoshoot and limit yourself to only using a Back Light!  

バックライトのみで ポートレート 撮影 ・ 逆光


一番よくバックライトを ポートレート で使う理由をいくつか挙げます:

  • 被写体と背景のもうちょっとはっきりした区別が欲しいとき! 
  • 周りの人の創造を超えた写真を撮りたい、感動させたいときによく使います!
  • 雨か雪などが降ってるときに、バックからストロボ入れることによって、水滴が綺麗に止まります!それですごく面白い画像ができます!!
  • Wただ、もう何をしたらいいのかわからないとき、今の現場ではだいぶ撮れたときなど、ただストロボを被写体の真後ろに置いて、フル発行に設定して、シャッター押してみること!
  • ドラマ, 私がどちらかというと、ドラマが好き、撮影してる写真に影を折れるのが怖くないです!逆に入れたいです!そういう時も逆光が面白いです!逆光でやわらかい写真も撮れますよ! 
  • 影が欲しい、何か後ろから来てる模様などを写真に入れたいときもバックライトを使います!





Silhouette 003 - Copy (4)






Natural-Light-Composite - Copy (6) - Copy






Silhouette 003 - Copy (3)



In the end

Now, I am preparing a series of new articles on some general topics, let me know which one of them you want to see first, so I get it ready earlier! Also other ideas are welcome too! Here are some of them: Portraits at night / Lens article (I guess 135/2) / Portraits in the rain / Use of gels / Using backlight / One light setups / Shoots with just one umbrella / General shooting portraits / Can cheap lenses make good photos / Swing the camera shots / Using snoots / Shaped bokeh / … or any other idea welcome, post it in the comments, and I will see if I am able to write about it! Also stay tuned for my new blog section starting soon called “Strobist Diary” There I will talk about many of my off-camera flash techniques from basic things to some advanced stuff! 



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