Shooting it: Body Paint & Flower Art shoot


This time I will be uploading a series of 3 different articles, well actually all of them were taken at the same day, using the Nissin Japan company studio, and they were kind enough to even video tape the whole shoot, so I will be embedding their video in the article! This is the first set from that day, I will be shooting from above, and I’m using 3 lights setup to lit my model! We have some beautiful flower art, and body art going on, see below the introduction of the artists involved! 



Model: Yuzuki Aizawa / 相沢 優月Facebook

Flower: Maki Tsuchiya / 土屋 真紀Homepage / Facebook

Body Paint: Chie Matsuura / 松浦 千恵Homepage / Facebook

Photo: Ilko Allexandroff / イルコ・光の魔術師Homepage / Facebook

Thanks to: Nissin Japan / ニッシン・ジャパン – Homepage Facebook

BTS Video

[youtube id=”A6DtT0wViBY” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”1000″]

All 3 Articles


Camera for this shot is Canon 1Dx! And the lens I’m using is Canon 24mm F/1.4! 

My strobes are 3x  Nissin MG8000 and for the past few months I’ve been a hard Nissin user, since the MG8000 never overheats during photoshoot, no matter how much I shoot at high power settings, and believe me I do it a lot!

My triggers are Cactus V6, recently I switched to them from Pocket Wizard, and that was a great decision to make! Using them I can control the flash power of my manual flashes without the need to go and even touch them! 

RoundFlash – RingLight & SoftBox is a really cool modifier, I’ve been using as a main light quite a lot for my recent photoshoots! It’s very handy easy to setup, and has really beautiful light especially for closeups! I also use it just as a softbox when I’m outside! 

FlashBenderXL Pro is the small strip box I’m using as main light! It’s a relatively small light source but it is making really nice light, and is vary handy to have it on location, because it takes almost no time to fold it, and get it ready to use! I often use it as rim light! 


カメラは Canon 1Dx です!このセットで使ってたレンズは Canon 24mm F/1.4, です!

ストロボはNissin MG8000 です!マシンガンストロボはパワーが必要なときにとても大事です!ストロボも結構フル発光で使うことが多いので、純正のストロボだったらオーバーヒートして、しばらく使えなくなることがあります!MG8000は一切暑くなることがないので、撮影に集中できます!

ラジオスレーブはCactus V6です!たった一つのどんなストロボでも、カメラについてるラジオスレーブで、すべてのストロボのパワーを調整できるトリガーです!もうすぐ日本でも発売します!

RoundFlash – RingLight & SoftBox はソフトボックスとして使うことがよくあります!非常に撤収が早くで、運びやすいので、ロケでは不可欠です!そして、光が綺麗で、特にヘアメイク作品などではよく使っています!

FlashBenderXL Pro はメインライトについてる小さいソフトボックスです!コンパクトで、光は比較的に硬いですけど、使い方によってただストロボだけ使うよりはすごくいい光を作っています!

Yuzuki@Nissin-1 - Copy


For this shot I am using 3 light setup, with 3 Nissin MG8000 strobes! I’m having a couple of FlashBender XL Size strip boxes on the far side, and a RoundFlash Softbox on the close side of the model! For this shot I didn’t want to have the dramatic look from only one-sided lighting, so that’s why I had added the RoundFlash on the other side to soften the shadows a little, but still I didn’t want to have very flat light! To be honest I’m setting the lights mainly based on intuition at that time, and how I feel I want her to be lit, and I thought that on the far side a bit more light would be better!  My lens is 24mm F/1.4 Prime lens, and I’m shooting at wide open F/1.4 aperture, I could have closed a bit and actually raised my ISO settings which was set at 50, but still that was a quick decision at the stage! There are many ways things can be done! I’m triggering all the strobes by Cactus V6 Triggers, probably the best solution for off-camera flashes, since you can control your strobes directly from the camera unit! I am standing on a ladder when I’m shooting, and I am not looking through the viewfinder! 


この撮影ではストロボ3灯使っています!全部Nissin MG8000マシンガンストロボです!アクセサリーは上からFlashBender XLサイズ2つと、下からはRoundFlashソフトボックスひとつです!両方のアクセサリーのURLは上の機材紹介で見てください!FlashBenderがあるサイドからは2灯で、ただ私のそのときの感覚で、そして、反対側は1灯だけでした!上のほうがちょっとライトが強くて、そしてRoundFlashでシャドーを明るくすることによってちょっとやわらかい光にしたかったです!使用レンズはCanonの24mmの1.4で、開放で撮影しています!ちょっと絞って、感度上げることもできたけど、そのときの流れでは開放で撮ってました!この場合はどちらにしても結果は大して変わらないと思います!ラジオスレーブはカクタスのV6です!それを使うとストロボはグループに分けて、それぞれカメラから調節することができるので、便利です!キャタツの上から撮影しています、ビューファインダーは見てないです!

Final Results

And here are a few of the final shots from this part of the session! Once again, it was a great collaboration of Yuzuki Aizawa, Maki Tsuchiya and Chie Matsuura, each of them great artist in their area, and easy to work with! Check again their introduction in the beginning of the article!  




In the end

Now, I am preparing a series of new articles on some general topics, let me know which one of them you want to see first, so I get it ready earlier! Also other ideas are welcome too! Here are some of them: Portraits at night / Lens article (I guess 135/2) / Portraits in the rain / Use of gels / Using backlight / One light setups / Shoots with just one umbrella / General shooting portraits / Can cheap lenses make good photos / Swing the camera shots / Using snoots / Shaped bokeh / … or any other idea welcome, post it in the comments, and I will see if I am able to write about it! Also stay tuned for my new blog section starting soon called “Strobist Diary” There I will talk about many of my off-camera flash techniques from basic things to some advanced stuff! 



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